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AA isn’t the only way to change your relationship with alcohol or other substances.

AA isn’t the only way to change your relationship with alcohol, opioids, or other substances. There are other options, such as SMART Recovery, Women for Sobriety, LifeRing Secular Recovery, Moderation Management, and Recovery Dharma.

Harm reduction recognizes that all pathways to recovery are valid, meeting people where they are, whether that’s a need for abstinence or something else. At Oasis Wellness & Recovery, we deliver evidence-based high-quality care to those who need it most using harm reduction as our guiding principle. Within the limits of safety, we work with those with co-occurring disorders (benzodiazepines, stimulants, cannabis, etc.) and do not consider these contraindications to treatment in our program.

Gabor Maté has said: “Abstinence is just not a model you can force on everybody. There’s nothing wrong with it for those of whom it works. But when it comes to drug treatment there’s an assumption that one size fits all. And if you’re going to wash your hands of people who can’t go the abstinence route, then you’re giving up.”

Read more about AA alternatives and harm reduction here

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