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NAD+ Infusion Therapy: Elevate Energy, Vitality, and Wellbeing

What is NAD+?

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) takes center stage as a pivotal co-enzyme, derived from vitamin B3, crucially fueling the generation of ATP—a vital energy currency that propels cellular metabolism. NAD+ orchestrates a dynamic dance with NADH, another compound, maintaining varying concentrations across bodily tissues. Yet, the aging process chips away at NAD+ levels, potentially giving rise to a spectrum of age-related concerns—think cognitive decline, diminished motor function, immune system imbalances, and even inflammatory conditions like cardiovascular issues and arthritis.

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Benefits of NAD+ Infusion Therapy

Our tailored NAD+ infusion therapy is meticulously crafted to elevate energy levels, safeguard and mend DNA, stabilize the epigenome, enhance mitochondrial function, bolster ATP production, wield antioxidant prowess, orchestrate circadian rhythm, regulate inflammation, and foster positive impacts on cell signaling and division. Simply put, NAD+ serves as a potent ally in retarding aging and optimizing numerous bodily functions.

NAD+ finds diverse applications—it's harnessed within addiction recovery centers to rejuvenate cellular machinery, curb drug cravings, and it's the subject of experimental studies aimed at addressing Parkinson's disease, fatigue, and various neurodegenerative disorders.


Demonstrating its versatility, NAD+ has showcased its potential in ameliorating exercise performance among older individuals, safeguarding the heart, and even reversing arterial aging.

NAD+ Infusion: $300 (up to 500 mg)

Administering the Infusion

Our NAD+ infusion therapy is meticulously administered at a gradual pace to sidestep heightened heart rate and discomfort. Through intravenous delivery, NAD+ achieves a 100% absorption rate, circumventing the digestive and hepatic processes typical of oral ingestion, ultimately expediting cellular repair.


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