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We are a health care clinic specializing in mental health and addiction. We provide ketamine infusion therapy for mood disorders, trauma-integrated counseling, medication assisted treatment for opioid, alcohol, and tobacco addiction, medically supervised weight loss, and IV vitamin therapy



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Dr. Eric Milbrandt  is a Critical Care and Addiction Medicine MD practicing at the intersection between mental health, addiction, and trauma. "My mission is to help those who are hurting, especially those with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and addiction." 


Unresolved trauma is one of the most common reasons for treatment-resistance in depression and recurrent relapse in addiction. Trauma-focused care is a powerful tool to help people work through their trauma and can be the pivotal change that brings lasting recovery. Dr. Milbrandt is a Certified Trauma Professional, having completed over 200 hours of training in the most effective trauma therapy techniques.

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Oasis Wellness & Recovery

2801 SE 1st Ave, Ste 201

Ocala, FL 34471

Hours: Mon - Fri 8a - 5p
Tel: (352) 325-5755
Fax: (352) 415-0428

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