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Could Microdosing Hurt the Heart?

Psychedelics like psilocybin, MDMA, LSD, and DMT act on serotonin receptors, and previous research has found that other drugs that act on serotonin receptors, such as the weight loss drug fen-phen, can cause fibrosis, or the thickening of heart valves. That, in turn, can lead to serious or even fatal heart issues like arrhythmias or valvular heart disease. So far, there’s been little research on the link between repeated psychedelics use and heart health, but this week, researchers at the University of Fribourg Center for Psychiatric Research in Switzerland published a paper in the Journal of Psychopharmacology reviewing the existing evidence. “It is possible that chronic microdosing may carry a risk of fibrosis and valvular heart disease, which should be assessed in future studies,” the authors write. “Any future work considering longer microdosing regimens should incorporate breaks and regular screening for vascular abnormalities.”

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Interesting read on the potential link between microdosing and heart health! Ultimately, prioritizing safety and informed choices is key when exploring any type of treatment, including microdosing. Thanks for sharing with us.

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