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Upcoming Events

Group KAP

Group therapy with ketamine is like no group you have ever experienced! Set out on a four-week journey of healing, one night a week for four weeks. Set a fresh intention, defrag your brain, and recalibrate your life. Determine what it means to be true to yourself. Join others and discover more of your inner joy and wisdom. 

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Breathwork Ketamine-Assisted Meditation

Breathwork is a form of active meditation which uses breathing practices to achieve altered states of consciousness and to improve physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. We are pairing breathwork with ketamine-assisted meditation to transcend limiting beliefs that are stored in the mind and body and increase feelings of acceptance, self-compassion, and interconnectedness with others.


Each Friday evening session includes tea ceremony, music, guided breathwork by John Thomas, ketamine-assisted meditation by Dr. Eric Milbrandt, and group sharing afterwards. 

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Inner Healer Workshop & Retreat

Having trouble working through depression, anxiety, PTSD, or existential questions? Have traditional therapy and pharmaceuticals failed to help? Come join us for an experiential workshop and retreat where you will use ketamine-assisted therapy as a catalyst for inner healing.

Each medically supervised Saturday session is led by Dr. Eric Milbrandt, a certified trauma profession who trained in the art of transformational healing through psychedelic‐assisted therapy with ketamine.

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